Frequently Asked Questions:

Who works directly with the girls?

Program staff works directly with the girls on a daily basis. Staff undergoes training that improves their skills in working with the girls and understanding the needs that all children have. Some staff members are selected to attend in-depth training in order to deliver special programs. All staff undergoes a criminal background and fingerprint check as a part of the hiring process.

How many staff members are on site?

We maintain an average staff-to-girl ratio of 1:15. However, depending on the activity and age of the girls, the ratio may range from 1:10 to 1:25.

Do the girls go on field trips?

Yes. The parent or legal guardian must sign the disclosure on the registration form. This allows your child to attend field trips during the after school activity time. All other special field trips will have specific permission slips that will need to be filled out. If there is a cost for the field trip, we will not issue a refund if your daughter does not attend. Refunds will only be issued if the trip is cancelled by Girls Inc. Parents may not drop off or pick up their daughters at a field trip site. All girls return to the center via Girls Incorporated designated transportation.

How do I register for Girls Inc.?

All girls ages 6-18 are invited to join Girls Incorporated. Forms must be completed and initial registration and program fees paid before a girl may attend. Click here for more registration info.

How much does it cost to attend Girls Inc.?

$10 registration fee (per family) and $40 per month (includes dinner Monday - Thursday)
$10 a month to ride the van from your school

$60.00 per week for members
$90 a week for non-members
$10 a week for early drop off of 7:45 a.m. and/or late pick up 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Note: Registration fee is only charged for after school program.

What do fees include?

These fees include the after-school snack and dinner program and 2 snacks in the summer, and all program activities and supplies; excluding sports, dance and field trips.

When are payments due?

Payments are due on the 1st of each preceding month during the school year. Payments are due one week before the session starts (previous Monday) during the summer.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, Girls Incorporated may provide financial aid for families who qualify. Assistance may be available for the following programs:

  • After-school monthly dues

  • Summer Camp

Please speak with the program director if you need assistance. Payment arrangements will always be considered. We ask that you make the effort to communicate with us and to keep our program staff informed of your situation.

What if I am late with a payment of program fees?

During the school year:
If payment is late and late fees are not made by the first of the month, we will conclude that you no longer need our program services and your daughter’s enrollment will be discontinued, unless otherwise communicated to our Program Director.

During the summer:
If payment is late and late fees are not made by the beginning of the following session, we will conclude that you no longer need our program services, and your daughter will not be enrolled in the next session, unless otherwise communicated to our Program Director. If you drop your daughter without having made payment arrangements, you will be called to immediately pick her up.

Is there a penalty fee for picking up my daughter after closing?

Yes. Girls Incorporated schedules staff to be available only during normal operating hours. If staff is required to stay after hours a penalty fee will be assessed. Late fees MUST be paid before the start of the next month or session. If late fees are not paid at that time or if lateness becomes habitual, your daughter(s) will not be eligible to attend. The following per minute late charges apply.

1-15 min: $5
$1 for each additional minute after that.

Can my daughter bring a friend that is not a member?

Yes. Girls Incorporated is always happy to have visitors at our center. A parent or legal guardian of the visitor must complete a registration form in advance of the visit. Visitor fees are $5 per day after-school and $10 per day during the summer.

What are the consequences if she misbehaves?

Our focus is to ensure that every girl has a safe, fun and positive experience while here at Girls Incorporated. Guidelines are posted in each classroom and throughout the building. Staff will work with your child to prevent and reduce problems through one-on-one intervention. This may include recovery time for your child (a “taking a break” period for however long your child feels she needs to be ready to participate again in a positive manner.)

Emphasis is placed on the choices each girl makes. Some behaviors will result in immediate suspension or termination of membership. These include but are not limited to fighting, possession or use of alcohol, drugs or weapons as defined in our incident report policy.

When a child breaks any of the Girls Inc. rules she will receive a behavior incident report. If a child receives 3 reports in 60 day period she will be suspended for 3 days. However, harmful physical contact, as well as stealing will result in and automatic 3-5 day suspension. All behavior reports must be signed and returned to program director.

Will I be notified if my daughter is having difficulties?

The staff is accessible for scheduled conferences to discuss the needs of your daughter and we encourage parental involvement at the center. However, a parent conference request will be made in the event of a serious violation or if your child is having consistent behavioral problems identified by staff. If the executive staff concludes that the member's behavior is destructive, or that the member's presence in the center infringes on the rights of other members, membership may be terminated at the discretion of the Program Director. Parents will receive copies of behavior incident reports.

Can she attend if she is sick?

If your daughter becomes ill at the Center (i.e. vomiting, running a fever), or shows signs of having a contagious illness (i.e. Chicken Pox, Mumps, Measles), you will be called to pick her up immediately. Girls Incorporated has a 24-hour sickness policy. If your daughter is sent home ill, she will not be permitted to return to Girls Incorporated for 24 hours, unless accompanied by a Doctor's note. Parents are expected to provide Girls Incorporated with a "30-minute pick up" contact - an individual able to retrieve your daughter within 30 minutes in case of an emergency. Please call if your child has Chicken Pox, Pink Eye, Impetigo or Lice. It is the parent’s responsibility to furnish Girls Inc. with up to date phone numbers and contact information. Please keep your daughter at home if she is ill. With so many girls through our doors each day, the chance for illness to spread is high if it is not handled properly. If your child is not in school due to an illness, she is not permitted at Girls Inc.

What if my child needs medication?

Girls Incorporated will administer medication only if we have a note from the doctor and the medication is on the original bottle with the correct pharmacy label. All medicine is kept locked in a secure area.

What about lice?

The Health department of Washington County and the Program Committee of the Board of Directors of Girls Incorporated of Washington County has mandated that we enforce a “no nit” policy regarding head lice. To monitor this, we check for head lice regularly. Should your daughter have nits, you will be called to pick her up immediately and she will not be permitted to return unless she has been properly treated.

What if my daughter gets injured at the center?

Minor injuries will be tended to at the Center by administering basic First Aid. Accident reports will be completed for our records. If it appears that your daughter might need medical attention, we will contact 911 and you. Updated residential, business, and emergency contact telephone numbers are essential for prompt emergency communication.

Does Girls Incorporated provide food?

Yes. Our Kids Café program provides a healthy snack to all girls each day after school. We also provide a healthy dinner Monday through Thursday for those who are signed up for that program. Snacks should not be considered a replacement for an actual meal. Girls should bring a snack and drink on full days and lunch for field trips or other special full days as notified. Snack and lunches should be packed for room temperature. Girls Inc. does not provide access to refrigerators or microwaves.

What if my daughter has food allergies?

Girls Incorporated asks that parents list any known food allergies on the registration form prior to a girl starting at the Center. We encourage you to provide suitable snacks if your child has food allergies.

What if there is a weather emergency during center hours?

When the county Emergency Operations Center declares an emergency or weather conditions cause local schools to close, Girls Inc. will be CLOSED.

What if my daughter needs to use the phone while at the center?

The telephone at the center is for business and emergencies only. Girls will only be allowed to place and receive calls in an emergency. We recommend that girls leave their cell phones and electronics at home. However, if parents choose to allow children to bring these items to Girls Inc. for safety reasons, they are not to be used after 4pm. If this rule is not followed Girls Inc. reserves the right to remove the item and return it to the parent/guardian at pick up time.

Is Girls Incorporated responsible for my daughter's belongings?

We encourage girls to take ownership of their belongings. Girls are responsible for their own property and should mark their names on all belongings (including book bags, jackets, swim suits, towels, lunch bags…) Lost and found articles are stored in a central location. Girls are to return found goods to the Lost & Found. Please note that unclaimed items may be donated or recycled up to once a month. We ask that all valuable items, toys & electronics be left at home.

What are the daily sign in/sign out procedures?

Upon arriving at Girls Inc., ALL GIRLS are required to check-in at the front desk. Parents or designated persons must sign out members at the front desk when leaving the facility. Checkout time is recorded, and is secured for our records. For your daughter’s safety girls will NOT be released to any person that is not on the “pick up” card. No exceptions. Your daughter’s safety is our priority! Please be sure to include all possible pick up parties on your “pick up” card. If someone attempts to pick up your child up and they are not on the card, your child will not be permitted to leave. We will attempt to contact you to get verbal permission. 

When picking up a child, ID will be required. For safety reasons, we prefer parents to escort their daughter in to the Center. However, if you choose to drop off your daughter, please wait and watch for her to enter the facility before leaving.

Other questions? Contact us.